Just like a vision board but BETTER!

This book works like magic…  

If your life is in a muddle and complete chaos, this book will get you organised! I promise!

There is so much magic between paper and a pen...

When you write down your dreams and goals, you make them happen!  Simply thinking or wishing for something is not enough.  The way to have your dream life is to CREATE it, and that’s exactly what you do with my Vision Book!

It shows you how to declutter the things you do not want which in turn creates the things you DO want.

There are 6 different categories to fill out…  They are:

Work ~ Career ~ Study

Food ~ Fitness ~ Self-care

Decluttering ~ Homejobs ~ Hobbies

Bills to pay ~ Savings ~ Investments

Family ~ Relationships ~ Friends

Holidays ~ Quick trips ~ Special events

Adding pictures helps to visualise what it is you want to manifest into your world!

Do you want a new love?

Do you want a new career?

Do you desire more money?


Perhaps to move to the other side of the world… 

In each category there are 2 different lists for you to fill out. One is; things you’d like to accomplish and the other is; things you’ve already accomplished.

The purpose of this is so you can acknowledge how far you’ve come, and give yourself much needed praise for your achievements <3

Visualising is so important to keep things moving quickly.  So I also created my Passionate Living Journal to accompany my Vision Book…

These books complement each other beautifully… One to keep visions and dreams alive and the other to keep those dreams at the forefront of your mind!

Journaling is SO powerful!

In my journal I have have given you daily prompts to keep you motivated and blank space to let your own words and thoughts fall out onto the paper.