My heartfelt Thank You <3

My heart felt THANK YOU!

I have so many people to thank, that have been with me right from the beginning of my business journey…

My husband!  He has stood by me through all my ups and downs <3. He has always encouraged me and has helped me be the person and business owner I am today =)

My children, my family and friends have listened to the endless amount of ideas I’ve come up with, held my hand when I felt like crap, celebrated with me during my wins and supported me endlessly!

Holly Milner is an artist based on the Sunshine Coast.  Holly has an illustrative style and a deep love of watercolour and inks, creating beautiful original art, prints and stationery using a range of mediums.  Holly also shares her passion for life drawing and runs regular watercolour classes. It’s here she connects like-minded people of various skill levels to a regular, creative practice. Holly is Studying Art Therapy to help connect us to our true selves using art.

Holly enjoys delivering beautiful commissioned work to client briefs and also sharing her art with the broader community through her original and printed art that is available for purchase through the website. 

Fascinated by the therapeutic impact of creativity and its impact on our state of mind, Holly is on a mission to get everyone to believe in their own ability to create.  Holly’s passion is to ignite the artistic fire in others. 

Susana Murphy can be found on Instagram…

Her designs and photography are second to none <3


Rachael Bermingham my editor and book writing coach!  I couldn’t done it withour her =)

Find her at