Hands on Decluttering Service

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, I come to your home as I offer a professional decluttering service.

This service includes decluttering an area of your home, sorting your items, cleaning the area decluttered, re-organising that area and when I leave I take your unwanted items to Lifeline.  This way you don’t have to have them sitting in the garage for another 6 months before you get a chance to go donate them.   I also advise you of strategies and systems you can put into place to help stop the clutter from returning.

3 hour session  $150

Decluttering is so beneficial for the whole family. 

Some of these benefits are:

Better concentraion once the clutter is gone.

You’ll feel more creative

You’ll sleep better

It boosts your mood

It helps you let go of the past

You will be more focused on your goals

You’ll consider MINDFULL purchasing when you go shopping

You will save money

You will save time (especially when looking for items)

You will have open space in your home which gives off a beautiful energy

It makes you happier

You will cut your cleaning time in half

It gives you more freedom to do the things you love 

You will receive my eBook Your Organised Home which includes my daily clean routine =)

For more information or bookings, please email or call on 0402284924

Tash is an organisational genius! She devotes her time and effort researching and implementing protocols to help community members minimise THEIR time & workload during their busy day to day lives. And I love that she practices eco friendly ways. A little each day, bite size action, maximum results!
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