About Tash -

I have been a Professional Organiser here on the Sunshine Coast for over 5 years.  

I am the founder and creator of Passionate Living.

I am an international author and speaker who specialises in helping clients remove overwhelm, chaos, create more quality time with their loved ones, while having a clutter free and organised home.

I am the author of Passionate Living Vision Book, a guide to decluttering and organising your home and life.

I have helped hundreds of clients achieve less chaos, shift out overwhelm, anxiety and un-organisation to gain the much needed quality time with their families and what they truly love.

In my younger years, I was a self-employed Mumma of 3 girls under 3 and a husband with chronic fatigue. I found that the biggest difference through all of this was having structure, routines and systems in place which helped with the flow of our busy life. Today I have 2 bonus daughters to add to the mix, as I married my love in September 2018.

I see so many women going through unnecessary struggles, anxiety, no motivation and no energy, so I created my proven system that is efficient, actually works and TRANSFORMS your life from chaos to calm, resulting in a clean tidy home, more time and much more organisation.

I am on a mission to help my clients ditch the overwhelm, the anxiety to have more quality time with their loved ones, time for themselves and truly live a passionate and heart-centred life!

Ultimately, my clients feel relieved, happy, calmer, united, peaceful and more relaxed. Confident in having people over at their place, more money, time, health and connection with the people they love.

Tash Longden Brown, you are a house saver!!!!! If you work from home, and want your high traffic areas to function well, then Tash has you covered. My office is ready for action & looking rather dapper, and my kitchen is now fit for a queen baker 👨‍🥚 there’s a spot for everything! Being organised & efficient in your household, takes some effort at the start, but well worth the peace and flow it creates for you and your family. I love my home again!
Karen Gill
Remedial Massage Therapist

On a personal note...

I love drinking organic coffee while planning my day, filling out my vision book & implementing my organising strategies. I also love creating healthy meals, homemade cleaning products and I’m so passionate about helping women feel amazing about themselves! 

One of my BIG loves is journaling. I believe there is so much magic between paper and a pen…

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia with my husband. We have 5 daughters =) We were married in September 2018 bringing our two families together as one on a magical day filled with laughter & love.

You will find me on my walks either by the beach or in my home town, attempting to ride my mountain bike with my hubby or doing yoga & meditations. I love spending time with my family & friends, eating copious amounts of fresh seafood, drinking a glass or two of champagne and going on camping trips & overseas holidays. 

“I love to share with my clients how I DECLUTTER & ORGANISE with passion!! I love being organised, always have. It makes life so much easier to manage!”

One of the ways I give back...

Each month I make a donation to 3 different charities…

One is to my sponsored child Shradha in India, through World Vision.  She is 11 years old.

Another is the Children’s Cancer Institute here in Australia.

And the third is Hope for Justice, a charity doing amazing things to stop girls being sold as sex slaves.

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