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We’ve all been there…  That point where you just want to give up because it’s all too much, your home is a bloody mess, you’re feeling SO unorganised and you have absolutely no idea where to start!

There is a constant pile of papers on the kitchen bench, the kids toys are always under your feet and the overwhelm is sitting right on your heart.

Deep inside you know it can be so much better than this, you know there has to be a better way!

You can only wish that there was an answer to finally get the crap out of your home for once and for all!!!


  • introduction
  • what you will need
  • what you don’t need
  • my unique method to help you decide what to keep and what to remove
  • SOL value explained
  • how to use your anti anxiety box
  • how to get organised BEFORE you start
  • how to start
  • where to start
  • how to shop with purpose
  • how to keep on track
  • tips on how to get the kids to help
  • how to choose what stays and what goes
  • a whole day in the kitchen
  • how to let things go
  • how to keep your linen cupboard under control forever
  • remove wardrobe madness for good
  • time efficient tips
  • bonus electronic clear out

Daily videos and PDF's

What's so good about having a clutter free home?

You can make your bedroom your sanctuary. 

Whether you live alone or have a partner your bedroom should be a place to relax, unwind and have a blissful nights sleep.  Clean fresh sheets, open space,  indoor plants, fresh air all play an important part in giving our bodies what it needs to replenish it each and every night.

How easy is it to get ready in the mornings when everything is at your fingertips…

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the house (apart from the kitchen), if you only have your essentials, you are never going to run late or waste time trying to find something because you will only have what you need and use each day.  Having a clutter free bathroom is bliss!

The heart of the home…  Everyone always says the party always ends up in the kitchen!

And it’s true. 

If you have a clutter free kitchen you will have a clearer mind, more than likely enjoy cooking in there and be motivated to make delicious meals for yourself or the whole family.

We all have a creative side…

Having a beautifully cleared workspace/home office to write, journal, paint, study etc is so beneficial for us.  We can create a happier mindset, actually get things accomplished, know where our bills are and have one space where all the household papers go.

Life doesn’t have to be crazy!

Washing!!!  Does it ever end???

I’ll tell you this now…  When you have less clothes and when you have less towels & sheets, the amount of washing to do is less.  It somehow works out as everyone in the household looks after their items and will even re-wear something instead of just throwing it in the laundry basket.

Why work with Tash?

Tash has decluttered over 100 different homes and has seen it all!

She is no fluff –  the real deal, what you see is what you get!

Tash is a mum of three gorgeous young women, who once were messy little toddlers.  She has lived that very busy family life having her girls all very close in age (three under three)!

She’s done the school run, school lunches, soccer for 12 years straight, a million loads of washing, cleaning, cooking and birthday parties each and every year!

Tash is also a bookkeeper, and has been for over 25 years, sorting taxes, bills and wages for a number of different businesses.

She loves figures and sorting finances along with filing paperwork so it is always easily accessible.

She is also a “bonus” mum to two gorgeous girls and lives through the trial and error of  co-parenting and standing by her husband.