In Home Service -

In Home Service

I specialise in helping my clients gain clarity, remove overwhelm, get rid of chaos, to create more quality time with their loved ones and become clutter free and happily organised. 

Decluttering can be hard!  I am here to show you, you can do it!  You will achieve less chaos, be able to shift out of overwhelm, lighten anxiety & remove un-organisation. 

With my hands on assistance, mentoring and support, we work together to organise and declutter your home, put systems into place that keep it tidy, workout the reasons why you have clutter & implement new habits to keep it at bay.


  • Personalised decluttering sessions
  • How to organise your life 
  • Tips on how to use your daily planner
  • To do lists – and how to make them work for you
  • Printable’s to keep
  • Your organised Home eBook
  • How to declutter all areas of your life
  • Self-care routines
  • Lots of laughs & light hearted fun
  • Checklists for each room of the house

What Ang has to say...

Tash's vision and service is the perfect solution for busy people who want order and freedom in their lives. Tash is a gem and always has a plan. She puts you at ease with her charming and professional manner and amazing ideas for a decluttered life. Could not recommend more! I first met Tash whilst in the process of moving house. I had to admit, I needed help! I contacted Tash and from the moment she walked into our house she instantly gave me the courage to make the changes desperately needed and in order to get things done. Working long hours and having no time to organise leaves my life in disarray. I've since had many sessions and the lessons I've learnt have now empowered me to be tidier, to want not to be cluttered, and to be able to keep that up. Best money spent in ages! The process of decluttering has been truly life changing in every aspect. Her gentle, caring encouragement helped me make decisions that really have brought me to a healthier place, all that stuff I was hanging onto has gone. I have found it very easy to open up and look at all my stuff with Tash, quite an eye opener! Recently our chaotic bedroom was transformed into a clear inspiring and romantic space - I'm delighted. I couldn't help but keep peering in to see how good it looked after we finished. Tash has helped us transform our incredibly untidy and cluttered house into an easy to manage and tidy space. Tash has managed to create space where I didn't think there was any, she also put systems in place that will now be utilised in every aspect going forward. All her changes and choices were perfect for the house and the end result was a transformation and lasting systems that work for our family. Trust Tash, she knows what she's doing!
Angela Wilson
ICU Nurse

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