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Hands on Decluttering Service

Tash is fun to work with and professional in her organisational skills. Fantastic start of clearing clutter and paperwork. Couldn't of done it on my own and sought Tasha's expertise and experience. Thank you Tash!
Fiona Marshall
Busy Mumma

Vision Book!

If you are a “visual” person and love to write down your dreams, goals and desires my book is for you!

I was on the search for a notebook that had space to write my dreams, lists to write the things I wanted to accomplish and pages where I could paste pictures, yet I couldn’t find one.  I also discovered that most of my clients that had accumulated lots of clutter didn’t REALLY know what they wanted in their lives…

This is how my book was born!  It took me over 3 years of trial and error to design and reconfigure it over and over until I was happy.  I listened to my clients and what their needs were, so I could put it all into place.

You will find my fabulous “List of Life” platform, pages to journal your ideas and plans, your ideal day, how to declutter using my SOL value method, my daily clean routine, checklists to tick off once you’ve decluttered an area of your home and more…