I love living using as little chemicals in my home as possible! 

I’m certainly not perfect at it but I do the best I can.  I have a fortnightly subscription to a beautiful organic farm here on the Sunshine Coast.  They deliver fresh organic fruit & veg straight to my door…

I also make my own cleaning products, and some personal care products too.  

I love to share, so here are just a few of my favourite recipes…

Multi-purpose Spray

This is up there as one of my most favourite! It can be used EVERYWHERE!

Thieves household cleaner is a product form Young Living that is made using plant based products, it smells like Christmas, and actually works!

I use Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap, it is fabulous!  If you have problems with ants, this multi-purpose spray will not only kill them on impact, it will prevent them from coming back.  It stops there track! The Castile soap is deadly to them!

And of course the essential oil add an amazing scent that is so uplifting and helps in the cleaning process…

Toilet Cleaner

No one likes the job of cleaning the toilet but I can assure you these two products make the job sooooo much easier!

Not to mention they smell lovely AND work really well!

The Loo spray has two purposes.  One is a room spray after number two’s & also a cleaner.  If anyone has an accident you can simply spray it on and wipe off with some toilet paper, so quick and so easy!


Around the Home

I have tried so many different recipes and these three are ALL wonderful cleaners.

I use micro-fibre cloths and glass polishing cloths to clean my windows, glass doors and to do the dusting.  Combining the Thieves Household Cleaner & White Vinegar are amazing together!  This combination actually helps keep your glass cleaner for longer, it repels the dust.  It works great on your TV too…

If you love jiff or gumption then you’ll love this cleaning scrub, not only does it work, it smells amazing & leaves your hands feeling soft and not dried out =)

I don’t use my wood cleaner all that often, it’s just like a moisturiser for our wooden furniture or I use it on scuff marks on the timber floors.


For your body <3

I LOVE organic Aloe Vera juice on my face!  I have been using it for years…

It last FOREVER and never goes off!

Adding essential oils is a must.  Aloe Vera smells like wet socks, so it make some time to get used to!

I went to Thailand in 2011, and had the most beautiful spa treatment.  I made this shave lotion to shave my legs with in the shower and it smells just like my time in that day spa <3

Oh my gosh, if you love Mojito cocktails, you’ll love this body spray!  It is perfect for those hot summer days when you need a quick cool down.  How many body sprays can you spray in your mouth?  Not many!  This spray can also be used as a mouth freshener…

Stress Away is beach in a bottle!  This body scrub is the quickest and easiest body product you will ever make AND it is simply devine, just try it!  You’re welcome <3

I made this chest rub because I have used Vicks Vapor Rub my whole life (until now) I had no idea how meany harmful chemicals were in it, so now I can rest easy and enjoy using my chest rub on anyone who needs it =)

I don’t wash my hair everyday and I have a fair bit of curl, so I made this leave in hair conditioner for the “no wash” daysto give it a bit of shine and conditioning love, it’s awesome!

If you want health from the inside out, this power house in a bottle is da bomb!  It tastes like berries, is very concentrated, helps lift you during the afternoon slump, does wonders for you immune system & is a good all rounder…

Mix it with some soda and a slice of lime for a non alcoholic drink on a hot summers day =)


Young Living have some awesome supplements!  I take them everyday without fail…  I’m not getting any younger you know haha